Father's Day 2021

Every Father's Day we celebrate all of the guys at Riverside with a slideshow during each service showing our guys with their kids or dads or a combination of both (sorry ladies- I know you've got awesome dads but this day is for the Riverside guys just like Mother's Day is for our ladies. If we tried to include pictures of our ladies dads that didn't attend Riverside we'd have a slideshow hours long ;0).
If you'd like to send in pictures so you (or your favorite guy) is included in the presentation (whether you will be attending in person at Riverside or watching via our online campus) here's what you need to do to make sure your pictures aren't lost in the plethora of landing spots for electronic communications in this digitally ubiquitous time (how's that for using a couple of big words, huh? You're welcome!):
Deadline for pictures is Friday, June 18 by 9 PM.
1. Pick out 3 pictures you want to have included in the slideshow.
2. Send them to EagleRiverside@gmail.com with the subject Father's Day 2021
3. Don't forget to let me know which service you'll be attending (each service has different pictures- there are just too many of you awesome people to have one slideshow do the trick for all three services so if you want to make sure your pics are included in the service you'll be attending/watching then this is a pretty important step.

That's it. Instructions over. Happy Father's Day everyone.