In Person At Riverside
Community Church

Join us in person each weekend

When it comes to churches in Eagle River, Riverside isn't the hippest, we're not the loudest, we're not the most organized, we're not the most "right" and we don't have the nicest facility but- sorry- I forgot where I was going with that.
But seriously, our building may not look like much but it's paid for and that means we don't have to constantly appeal to our members to "dig deep" and "give til it hurts".
A Riverside service is relaxed and informal. Our music is upbeat and contemporary. We share in communion every week. And the lesson is entertaining and helps all of us to understand Jesus better and what following Him means/looks like in this strange world we find ourselves walking through.
Our gatherings are more like a family get together than a somber ritual (not that there’s anything wrong with somber rituals- it’s just not our style ;0)
Depending on the phase of the moon (not sure why full moons seem to bring out the loud in kids and even some adults but it sure seems to- of course all research is purely anecdotal and not scientific in any way) or the service you find yourself at there may be quite a lot of distractions. Sorry about that. It’s just part of who we are at Riverside and the people we seem to attract (and we wouldn’t have it any other way).
If you like kids, young families and don't mind the occasional distraction then maybe Riverside is for you. 


We do this every week here at Riverside. Why? It’s just the way we do it. It’s our tradition. Some churches do it once a month, others once a quarter, some only once a year. We do it every week. Anyone who wants to join in remembering Jesus is welcome to join us.
There will be tables with trays placed up front and in back. In the trays you will find two stacked cups- the bottom containing the bread and the top containing the juice.  If you'd like to join us in remembering Jesus and His sacrifice for us then make your way to one of the tables and take a set of cups back to your seat with you.
When you're ready eat the bread and drink the juice. Why do we do this? Because Jesus asked us to do it to remember Him.
So we do.
Every week.
What about children?  We leave that up to parents to decide. If a kid is old enough to remember Jesus then we find it tough to say no when they ask to participate. Some families at Riverside include their children in communion. Others want their children to wait until they've made their own personal commitment to Him. We leave that choice up to each family to make for themselves.

Make your story a part of ours...

Join us every weekend as we gather to worship together on Saturdays at 6 PM or Sundays at 10:00 am and 11:30 am.